Hi Everyone!

We are re-opening the club on this Saturday 12th September.

The sessions will be:                     

Junior Beginners from 9.30am until 10.30 am as usual                                                 

10th/ 9th & 8th kyu will be from 11am until 12 noon

7thkyu and above from 12.30 pm until 1.30pm

We are leaving half an hour between session to allow for students leaving and arriving and to allow us to sanitize stair rails, handles etc. We have also arranged with the 1st floor occupants that they use the back stairs (fire escape) for entry and exit and we have sole use of the usual front entrance. We have painted and sanitised the stairs (ongoing ) and will have sanitizing stations at the entrance to the building and again at the dojo entrance. We are asking all students to arrive and leave the dojo in their Gi’s, and to bring a bag to put their coats etc in. These will be put at the end of the dojo, spaced out.

We would like everyone to arrive a few minutes before their session. We need to entrust all parents to drop off and collect their children on time. There will be an instructor on the door to ensure social distancing will be adhered to. Obviously parents will be unable to watch until the crisis is over. For the rest of September the session will be FREE for all junior students.  To comply with the law, please note it is important that no-one congregates in the car park. If any students walk to the club, could they please wear tracksuit trousers over their gi, so as not to attract attention to themselves.

We have a Covid 19 risk assessment  in place, if you wish for a copy please email me.

Can you please text me on 07702039665 to book your place before Friday evening so I can make a register and sort out spacing of the students.

Hope all is well with you and your families, looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

Shihan and Val

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