Message from Shihan

I sincerely hope that all our Kyokushin students and their families are safe and well, coping with the Lockdown and the isolation problems. We none of us know how much longer this will go on, but we need to obey the laws and look forward to the return of normality. The Dojo remains securely locked, but we are ready to commence training when allowed.

The Black Belts and a few senior grades have set themselves a target of running 100 miles in a week in relay fashion, using an imaginary Baton which is ‘virtually passed’ between each competitor, who then runs their own distance (say three miles) followed by the next person and so on, adding their mileage to the total each time! Each day usually starts around 6.00 am and finishes in the evening, with this fourth day totalling to 163 miles already! Apart from this, which keeps everyone working together and keeping in touch with each other, most of them are doing lots of other stamina, technique and strength exercises to keep themselves ready for the return – whenever it happens!

Junior students can set themselves targets to achieve to also be fitter and ready for that day! It is easy to use the Kyokushin favourite exercises of squat-thrusts, push-ups and sit-ups either indoors or out, setting a target for each day and adding an extra one each day, So starting with ten of each exercise in the morning and then repeat it in the afternoon, followed the next day by eleven, then twelve on the third day. Try to do each exercise correctly and do not rush them – aim for quality and enjoy the feeling of success after each session!

Your own motivation will help with your other school and college work, will make you forget the word ‘boredom’ and will challenge you to beat yourself!

I know I could make you do it, but it’s up to you to see if you can achieve your own goal without an instructor!

Keep safe and well, be positive and good luck,



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