Club History


The club was started in 1966 by Peter Kisby and two other green belts. In 1967 it was affiliated into the British Karate Kyokushin and the World Wide Karate Organisation Kyokushinkaikan. From very humble beginnings in a factory premises and the TA Centre, a lease was taken on the premises in August 1976.

In the early days it was a struggle to compete against the larger clubs in the south, especially London, but by the early seventies Leicester had started to make an impact and win tournaments. Over the years our fighters have won hundreds of trophies at club,National and International level, by 1998 twelve of our members have fought for England against Wales and one  of our Black Belts has won Gold at the EKGB England Championchips and a Silver at the Belfast tournament.

To date Shihan Peter Kisby (6th Dan), has taught over 70 students to successful Black Belts and was made a Branch Chief of Kyokushin By Sosai Oyama in 1993 and he qualified as an NVQ assessor for karate instructors. The excellent facilities at the Leicester Dojo offer a range of sessions for both Seniors and Junior Students a well as divided classes for different grades. Fighting sessions for clicker, and Knockdown are included in the fee as well as the traditional stamina session held every Sunday.