Welcome to our Dojo!


Leicester’s strongest  Karate  we have been teaching martial arts for over 50 years.

If you are interested in joining our fantastic club feel free to call email or just turn up at the dojo.

Our Club has been in existence for 50 years and at the present premises since 1976. All of our instructors are Black Belts with masses of experience in all aspects of Karate and physical training. We run our Dojo on tradition Japanese lines yet retain a family, friendly, hard working and disciplined atmosphere for all students to enjoy. As a member of our club we hope you will become part of our family and treat the dojo as your place of learning Sosai Mas Oyama’s martial art of Kyokushin Karate, which is known world wide as the “Strongest Karate”


As a beginner you will train a minimum of three months before attempting your first grading to Red Belt (10th Kyu). Gradings are held at 3 monthly Intervals.

Your beginners class is made up entirely of people like yourself, all novices and completely new to karate. As you progress the classes are kept to red/blue and yellow belts, so you keep training with students of you own calibre and ability, yet have the benefit of training with different Instructors. Then training sessions cover the practice and repetition  of Karate techniques using all parts of the body, developing speed strength stamina and reaction. Discipline is strict and dojo etiquette is respected by all.


How far can you go i hear you ask?

Well thats literally up to you! When you start training, you will probably be content to train once or twice a week. As you progress to a higher level you may want to increase your training and Karate commitment, attending regional and national courses, specialised session for stamina or fight training. You may develop an interest in competing against others in Kata or fighting tournaments at local or national level. If you are good enough you might just well be selected to compete at International level – but everything depend on you.

As far as we are concerned everyone is a potential Black Belt the only person who can decide how far you wish to go is you!


What do i need to Start?

To keep expenses to a minimum you do not need to purchase a Gi (Karate Suit) just a clean pair of jogging bottoms and a T-shirt will do until you decide Kyokushin is what you want to do.

Karate Clothing and Kit

Whatever you may require Gi’s (karate Suits,) Protective Wear (pads and mitts) Training Syllabus etc. Our club secretary will be happy to assist.