New Beginners

Welcome to our Dojo!

The training sessions at our karate club are designed for youngsters between the ages of 6 and 15 years, to give the them first insight into karate discipline and basic training. The emphasis will be on teaching basic karate techniques and making the training disciplined but enjoyable.

All students must become members of the international Kyokushin Organisation as a requirement of our insurance, this is £20 PER YEAR and is payable on joining the club.

No karate suits (Gi’s) are required at this stage and there will be no pressure of grading examinations. As youngsters develop, the Sempai (Instructor) will assess when they will be ready to take their first grading. Gradings take place every three months.

The sessions will be held on SATURDAY MORNINGS from 9.30AM – 10.30 AM

so parents are asked to ensure they arrive on time to start the class. No special clothing is required, normal PE clothes / tracksuit are sufficient. No jewellery can be worn and we ask that any valuables are left at home. We advise parents to ensure their children do have a change of clothing so that no one catches a chill after a warm training session.

Parents are welcome to watch the session; however, we know that some children find this distracting and you may prefer, therefore, to leave and collect your child at 10.30AM.

The cost for each child is £18 PER MONTH payable on the first Saturday of each month.


Leicester Karate Kyokushinkai

(Established since 1966)

(0116) 2510303

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